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Gathering gifted friends


October 21, 2010

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


One of the biggest challenges of being gifted is that it's relatively difficult to find other people like you.  If gifted people compose 3-5% of the general population (or up to 10% in some references) that leaves an awful lot of people who are different than you are.

Now that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but somewhere along the way it really helps to reach out to people who really understand where you're coming from; who have experiences in their lives that at least somewhat reflect your own.

So what can we do to reach out and find those people?  How can we bring them together so they can be energized by one another's strengths and commonalities?  And how do we reach those lost sorts of people who may not even realize that they're gifted?

Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

November 21, 2010

Iman Kouvalis


posts 10


Well, not all my friends are gifted, but I've made it a point to find 'A player' high achievers to surround myself with because I know this is a key component of succeeding globally.  I looked for people who are trying to accomplish similar things as me in life.

Iman Kouvalis

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November 21, 2010

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


I think finding people who consider themselves A-players is a great way to go.  Sometimes people who are gifted don't know that they are, but they may feel that they're high achievers at least.  So no matter if they're actually gifted or not, you'll have some great people around you.

I don't know that it's possible, or at least probable, for all of our friends to be gifted.  It would be great to have many of them that way, but different kinds of people bring different elements to our lives, so the non-gifted friends can bring you perspectives or ideas that you might not find otherwise.

No matter what, we have to operate in the 'real world' where there are all kinds of people, and we have to know how to deal with them as well.

I think it's easier to find non-gifted than gifted friends for the most part, so I'd love to know how everyone finds others like themselves.  Anyone want to share?

Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

November 25, 2010




I found gifted people at school and at work.  I've also found them by going on forums like this one because we share a common interest.

I've noticed that the more I become aware of my own giftedness the more I can see it in others which makes it easier to find people like me.

This blog post gives you some ideas about ** You don't have permission to see this link. **as well.  Check it out!

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