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This one's tough


October 21, 2010

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


Selling yourself.  Ouch!  For gifted people, even though they are very capable in so many ways, many of them have a hard time telling everyone else about how wonderful they are.  They want to be great, but they don't want to make an advetisement out of it.

Unfortunately, out in the world there is a lot of competition for jobs, for positions in school, for companies of your own.  You have to be able to identify what you have that other people don't; what you can do that someone else can't; what you have to offer that other businesses don't.

Without this, even though your abilities put you on top of the world, the world will put you at the bottom of the barrel.

So reach out for just a minute and exercise your 'wow I'm great' wings.  laugh Share something here that you think is good about yourself, not to brag, but to get used to being able to recognize and tell others about this when the times come where you need to.

Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

November 3, 2010



posts 37


I am a very fast learner and am a storehouse of ideas! I love to research and brainstorm new ways of doing things.

I'm really creative with words, too!


You're right, this is hard.

Feels good though to acknowledge. I've been known to put myself down or minimize my talents, not a good tactic 🙂

November 4, 2010




If you wouldn't mind sharing, what do you do to capture your brainstorming ideas?  Lots of us have many ideas but too often they get lost in our heads somewhere or just tucked away never to bear fruit. 

For me, ideas are only as good as the actions they produce, so I'd love to gather some of the best ways to save them and use them.  So what are your suggestions?

November 21, 2010

Iman Kouvalis


posts 10


People tell me I'm very good at organizing.  They tell me they need me to organize their/business/project/ideas etc.  I also think in pictures and putting things in logical step-by-step order.  This comes in handy a lot when I teach people how to create Olympic-level organizations because I give them a step-by-step guide.

Iman Kouvalis

Create an Olympic-level organization.

November 21, 2010

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


Putting things in pictures can take very complex ideas and make them very simple and easy to remember. 

This idea is used a lot in advertising, so as we as gifted adults progess in our lives, this is a good thing to come back to.  When we want to share our great ideas with the world, if we can put them in pictures it will make conveying our messages easier, especially since so many of our thoughts are complex ones.  Not everyone will know or remember what we're trying to say unless we can present it in a simplified way.

What do you think are some kinds of things that would be great to present in the form of diagrams, images, or pictures?

Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

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