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What can you do to have fun if you're an introvert?


October 21, 2010

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


If you're an extravert – someone who loves to be around other people – I would think it would be rather easy to go have fun.  Just find a bunch of friends and do just about anything and you'll come home feeling energized and excited.

But what about if you're introverted?  What if you like spending time alone?  Very many gifted people are introverts, so this is probably a common question.

What can you do to have fun if you like to be by yourself?  (Introverts do have friends, too, you know.  wink They just have a couple of close ones instead of a whole bunch of ones they meet in many places.)  Or if you have only a few people you really like to be around?

A couple of suggestions I've heard before that include a fitness element are akido and skipping.  What else can you add?

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November 3, 2010



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Definitely reading. The last time I went for some ME time, I went to the bookstore. I went in with my own book, though and pulled up a chair by the fireplace at the Starbucks that's attached and had myself a hot chai latte and I. was. in. heaven.

November 3, 2010




Wow! I can just imagine how wonderful that must have been. I can almost smell the chai and feel the warmth of the fireplace…

I love reading, too. Just about anywhere and everywhere I can get my hands on a book I'll wedge a few words in. The best though is when I have a long time to do nothing but read and really get into the words. That's just such a great experience.

Hmm… where's my book now?

November 3, 2010




By the way MomBodySoul, I didn't notice your name in the introductions section. Feel free to say hi and let us know a little bit about yourself.

If you've found such an awesome reading spot I'm guessing you'll have a few other helpful nuggets of information to share. wink

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