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Crazy and Immature…or Complex and Gifted?
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December 6, 2011

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


What is the norm, and what does it mean for us as gifted adults?

The norm is just that…the norm.   You know, normal.  It doesn't take into account those who lie at the boundaries of life, who do things differently or think in a way that isn't much like anyone else.…

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Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

January 10, 2012




I'm offended by your blog. You are NOT gifted and your blog is not able the gifted adult. Disgusting for your to latch on to this very serious dilemma. Morally reprehensible.

January 10, 2012

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


Jjljljdlld, although I must disagree with your comment, you are entitled to your opinion. To each his/her own. I hope you find your way.

Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

January 16, 2012


New Member

posts 1


I guess this is my reflection on the topic above.

As I am new to this site and to this topic of giftedness. I am still exploring it for myself, hence do not know alot about my own giftedness. (Although I am aware of some things ie artistic talent. )As you can imagine, I have been reading voracioiusly, since I was told late last year by a fellow psychologist, that I am gifted and she recommended that I joined Mensa. I was really not agreeable to doing that, it seemed to be just too much. To be honest, I nearly threw up when she said that to my husband, as I thought I had been doing such a good job of "being normal". 

I did feel that some of the things that I was doing was craziness ie the sensitivity, which has always been viewed as negative in my family and something that i have been trying to get rid of for a long time(unsuccessfully I might add). I also very high energy levels/insaitable curiousity and I easily exhaust others around me( I thought I would " grow out of it'). Although since discovering this "giftedness" particularily the sensitiviities(dabrowski) ,has really been very very helpful. Its also explained various comments people in my life have said to me about how I seem to appear to them, that always confused me. For instance,when I was managing an interdisciplinary team in an emergency dept, at a major hospital the staff said "I was so calm, they would need to take a pulse", there was alot of consensus about this(I work in emergency departments as a social workerand I am a registered psychologist aswell), but then I am also a complete scatterbrain, am very intuitive, cry easily at RSPCA ads on TV…..etc…

Anyway, rambling on a bit there…but….the normality issue…its really difficult to see the difference I think…as I can't see myself in relation to others…only in a limited way.I guess also I like to think of normality as a continuum, and we fit somewhere along that line, vs its a black/white distinction, which is an artificial concept developed, so that we can measure human performance and hence it is limited and not necessarily a reflection of the complexities of reality, but more an approximation.Interestingly enough, when studying psychology I was fortunate enough to conduct intelligence tests on a range of children at all ends of the spectrum, several years ago. It was fascinating to discover how diverse we all are, and how different strengths, irrespective of measureable intelligence, can lead to happiness and fulfilment……..:) 

June 29, 2012




We are fortunate that now in this Internet & modern era, more and more care & discoveries are being made by leading psychologists, social-theorists, etc etc.

In fact, there are actually now MORE 'connections' to other *psychological-approved* terms such as: INFP Personality Type (from Myers-Briggs/MBTI Personality Inventory), HSP or Highly-Sensitive Person, and there are also its correlation with being an ADD/ADHD, even somewhat a correlation with 'bipolar' (many of them are actually in fact 'Gifted' as well! it's just that "normal" society often don't understand, or worse, ignore about it!), and not to mention to stretch it further, being an Indigo !

Try to google up those terms above, and you will be surprised to find actually pretty HIGH correlations/'connections' between all of them. It's just given different names by different psychologists and social theorists~ :)

And there are also forums, mailing lists, and discussion groups for each those 'terms' above. and yes, based on my own experiences, it *DOES* really help quite a lot to be able to participate in those forums etc.
It makes you feel that now you are definitely NOT alone in this vast world! that there are definitely others like you! :)

~warm regards from fellow 'Gifted' from Indonesia~

July 11, 2012




posts 3


@Firefly – I too experience myself much like you describe, there are many similarities. I never was able to categorize myself, even if I can get a very deep understanding of other people if I bother to 'tune in' and observer them.


I view myself like a bit of it all, really. I love my immaturity. I still behave much like a child when something good and small happens (like a surprise caramel from my partner, it makes me squeal of joy to his amusement), but when huge stuff happens I turn introvert and just smile without the childish behaviour. I think I flick it off and on depending on the situation, but I still don't feel like a fraud doing it. If the situation allows it my emotions are allowed to erupt to the surface, if not I let the brainy part of me handle it. (And a lot of the time I'm clever but pretends to be dumb or struck by luck, it's easier for my surroundings).


The one behaviour makes me enjoy things to it's full, the other behaviour kicks in when I need it. I don't consider it a big deal. 

I also think a little crazy brings you a long way. By allowing a little chaos or new ways of the mind one can come up with new thoughts. And frankly, with a mind that runs like a cheetah, if it's not allowed to go 'all over the place' I imagine one will soon be at the end of the track ?




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