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Does anyone else do this?


November 30, 2011




posts 13


I have noticed that sometimes, when I read, I have a strange compulsion to turn the book/text upside down and read that way…Does anyone else do this and if so, do you have any idea as to why this happens?  My theory is that I was a bat in a past life… :P

December 1, 2011



posts 37


Hmm, not exactly. But I do enjoy writing cursive backwards (right to left:))


December 1, 2011




posts 13


Nice!  I do that sometimes too…although my writing is chicken scratch so it doesn't look that different from the way I normally do it :P

January 27, 2012


New Member

posts 1


I often do have the urge to turn a selection of text upside down and read it in that manner (as do you) and I do often write backwards, upside down, and often both at the same time! Sometimes I read or write upside down, or backwards in the case of writing, to challenge myself (although I find it quite easy yet oddly satisfying) or just because doing either the "normal" way just does not seem to be the right "execution of the activity", one could say.

Often during school I can find myself wanting to write or read upside down and/or backwards to the dismay of the teacher of the class I would be in at the moment, but once I wrote out an essay backwards with the plan to re-write it when I was in "normal writing" mode and the teacher (so conveniently) saw my backwards writing and offered to read and mark it as a challenge to her!

Do not worry, you are not alone!

I believe that this urge to write or read in alternative ways may have something to do with active parts of the brain or even the mode of alternative thinking that possibly comes along with being gifted.


By the way, a bat would be a very interesting existence to have experienced, and perhaps all that hanging upside down gave you an immunity to the headaches that often come to me when I, personally, read backwards! (I do have very poor eyesight though, and I get headaches from reading all the time!)


P.S. I am only just fifteen, so if my answer seems a little ignorant, it's because I am used to conversing in a highly "reduced", per say, mode of conversing that comes from restricting myself to the "ways" of high school… So sorry for that :)

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