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Giftedness – It's All Starting to Make Sense
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November 20, 2010

Sonia Dabboussi



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Giftedness always has some major associations with it – many that are not necessarily positive or achievable. And maybe that has something to do with the way giftedness has been represented over all of these years.  But right now you can experience a whole new way of looking at things…

Gifted people…

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Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

November 25, 2010




The picture that goes along with this post is actually a really awesome way of looking at giftedness.  So many times when you talk to people about being gifted they say right away that there's no way they could be gifted because they're unlike so-and-so-gifted-person in such-and-such way. 

When you see the way this graph looks, you realize immediately that each gifted adult who falls outside of the majority of the concentric circles is basically by him or herself out there.  There aren't too many others close by.  It shows how lonely giftedness can be because there isn't anyone within immediate reaching distance like them. 

You also realize that the components of giftedness for each person can be very different.  Some people have many standard gifted characteristics while others have fewer, lthough they are all gifted.  Some people are broadly gifted and are good at many things while others are super-fantastic in certain areas and virtually terrible in others.

Isn't giftedness amazing? laugh

December 6, 2010

Giftedness and Educa



[...] and unfortunately many school environments don’t allow for this at the level required by the gifted. Some people are fortunate enough to join a gifted program, but many are not.  In either case, it [...]

December 12, 2010

Sonia Dabboussi



posts 394


Hmm… It looks like someone used this post on their website.  Cool! 🙂

Gifted for Life – Find the freedom, skill and motivation to live, love and lead with passion and make an evolutionary impact on the world!

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