Gifted Success Teams

Are you looking to make some awesome changes in your life?  Would you like to have a group of people to connect with who are working on the same goals you are?

Then try one of our Gifted Success Teams!

Gifted Success Teams are groups of 6-8 people who go through a coaching program together for the purpose of:

  • reaching a particular goal
  • sharing ideas and experiences in a guided context
  • establishing a support team to help keep them on track after the conclusion of the program

Each coaching program is topic-focused so that you can spend 8 weeks on an aspect of your life that’s important to you.

And then, with your team, you can continue on the path toward your long-term goals.  Their continued reinforcement will be there as long as you need it.


    Guided Communication Teams

These teams start by attending the coaching series “Hidden Messages – How to Tell What People are Really Saying”.

  • Discover what’s going on behind the scenes in someone’s mind when s/he is talking to you
  • Recognize if someone is really telling you the truth
  • Identify the best way to communicate so your message is understood
  • Connect with others so they want to offer you that job or give you that opportunity

Following the coaching program, continue supporting one another for sustained, long-term success. More details are coming soon, so stay tuned!




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