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Dear Gifted Friend,

Stories move people’s hearts, and make them think.  Stories challenge people’s views, make them question their beliefs, and stir up emotions that lay buried in unknown places.  Sometimes stories even cause people to change their actions and, as a result, their lives.  So we want to share YOUR stories with other gifted adults, young and old, who may be searching for connection, understanding, acceptance or even just ways to make sense of all that they have been through.

There are many gifted individuals out there who question themselves and their lives in a tremendous way.  Some may have only encountered the idea of giftedness recently, while others may have heard about it as children but not understood all that it entailed.  And, of course, there, too, remains the group of adults, sometimes well into their years, who may have yet to recognize the gifted part of themselves at all.

Together we can let them all know they are not alone in their journey but are accompanied by others from around the globe who think, feel, and experience as they do.  We can help provide a platform for their growth, understanding, and development into all that they can be.  And perhaps, as we search our souls for our own personal stories, we may find ourselves learning and growing right along with them.

The Recipe for a Winning Story

The stories we are searching for are true, inspirational stories of the gifted.  They can be about something that has happened to you as an adult, or about an event that occurred in your childhood that you now look back upon.

The most important things to keep in mind are:

  •  Your story will be read by others who likely have been, or are, in a situation much like your own.  If your story tells of negative experiences, please remember to offer some hope for your readers.  Let them know there is light at the end of the tunnel, because the light you cast for them may be the only one they have in their lives at the time.
  • We are complex, exciting, intense and emotional people.  Let those qualities shine through in your writing.  Your readers will likely be just the same, so you’ll probably find that they immensely appreciate every bit of yourself that you put into your words.



Story Guidelines

Here are a few story guidelines that will help you create a fantastic submission:

1.  Write your story in the first person. Events pack more punch when they’re told from an inside, ‘I’ perspective rather than from the position of an outside observer. And make sure you introduce your main character, even if that is you.

2. Connect deeply with your readers by being yourself and describing all of the passion, excitement and struggle you went through. Bring us into the story as if we lived it with you by letting us feel the emotions you felt: let us laugh, let us cry and let us experience the epiphanies you had as if we were standing right there when they happened.

3. Have your story start immediately with action. Allow your readers to jump into the problem you’re describing with both feet, and then lead them through the conflict, to the resolution. Not every story will have a positive ending, but they all will have a lesson learned or a point of reference for future exploration.

4. And above all, let your story come from the heart!


Story Specifications

1. Stories must be non-fiction and be between 500 and 1500 words in length.

2. They must be submitted only via the story submission page on the Gifted for Life website at

3. Once your story has been submitted, you will be forwarded to a Thank You page.  If you are not forwarded to this page or if an error message occurs during submission, please contact to determine the next appropriate course of action.

4. Stories cannot be submitted anonymously, but they may be submitted under a pseudonym.  Please keep in mind that the contact information you provide must include your actual name, email address and telephone number.

5. Please keep a copy of your story for yourself, and ensure that it has not been previously published anywhere else.

6. Should your story be chosen for publication, you will be notified and your permission requested.  Stories will not be published without permission of the author.

7. If your story is published by us, you will receive a token amount of $25 upon publication along with a free copy of the book your story appears in.

Publications can sometimes take quite a long time to complete, so we ask that you remain patient in the process.

Feel free to submit more than one story for consideration.  Your experiences are many, so let us hear about them!


We know we’re ready to discover what you have to share, so as soon as you’re ready…

Submit your story here.

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